OriMetric – new rubber origami driven material exploration // by Mads Hansen


tilpasset_JNY6539By successfully blending old with new, Danish Designer Mads Jeppe Hansen, has found great inspiration in the art of traditional Japanese paper origami when developing and creating a new class of elastomer based material named OriMetric. Continue reading

The Cloth of Kings – the most ancient textile in the history of humanity wins ‘LAUNCH: Systems Challenge 2013’

Ugandan man beating the bark

Tree bark fleece from Uganda is said to be the most ancient textile in the history of humanity, the direct ancestor of nowadays non-woven textiles. When researching for the Hello Materials Exhibition at Danish Design Centre back in 2011 I stumbled upon this fascinating bark material also called ’The Cloth og Kings’ and got in contact with the Ugandan-German family run venture BARK CLOTH® – the pioneer of systematic bark cloth development and production, cooperated with small-scale organic farmers from Uganda since 1999. Continue reading

LAUNCH NORDIC CHALLENGE 2014 – in search of disruptive innovations that will transform the system of textiles, fabrics and fibers to the better

LAUNCH Nordic Innovation Challenge 2014 -  kick off ©LeaderlabIn the end all design objects, buildings, cities and stuff that surround us boils down to materials. Everything is made of this ‘something’ and as it unfortunately is now, sustainability is far from always present in the making. LAUNCH – an initiative started by NASA, USAID, Department of State, and NIKE in 2010 – is a global innovation platform tackling sustainability challenges within the system of making and materials. Now LAUNCH calls upon the LAUNCH Nordic Challenge in search of disruptive innovations that will transform the system of textiles, fabrics and fibers to the better…

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IMPASTO – a self-invented biodegradable natural fibre composite // by Nikolaj Steenfatt

IMPASTO Pendel. Credits SteenfattPreviously here on Hello Materials Blog we presented Master Graduate Jonas Edvard Nielsen and his final project at the Royal Academy of Art – School of design in Denmark in 2013: MYX material – Creating food and design from waste using oyster mushroom. Graduating the same year and presenting a likewise amazing and super interesting final project is Nikolaj Steenfatt and his project “IMPASTO”. Continue reading

Materials Experience: Fundamentals of Materials and Design – a new ‘material’ book released


A new book on Materials Experience has recently been published by Elsevier, bringing a number of well-known scholars and designers  together to discuss current practices in materials and design, and how these subjects affect our experiences with everyday objects.

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“My Darling Materials” Experts sharing their secrets! (part TWO)

My Materials Dansk Design CenterOf all the exciting new materials developed and introduced today, which are the leading experts’ favourites? The Danish Design Centre has asked its extensive network of materials experts from all over the world to contribute to a collection of their favourite materials. Continue reading

International DAMADEI project on advanced materials is now completed – a comprehensive report has been issued

DAMADEI Report 103113On October 31st in Copenhagen, a high profiled event marked the conclusion of the international EU Culture-funded DAMADEI project. Continue reading

“Sand made” – packaging made of sand…

Sand packagingSand packaging © Alien & Monkey

When Sigmund Freud wrote, “when objects are lost, subjects are found,” he was describing the essence of melancholia, comparing it directly to the emotion of mourning. It was this concept that first sparked the idea of products made of sand in Marc Nicolau and Daishu Ma, from design firm Alien & Monkey. Continue reading

Do you work with advanced materials? Make yourself known on the DAMADEI online platform

DAMADEIwebsiteDesigners, manufacturers, technology centres and connecting centres from around the continent working with advanced materials come together in this single directory, presented in the form of an interactive European map, with the aim of boosting design as a driver of European innovation and competitiveness. Continue reading

“My Darling Materials” Experts sharing their secrets! (part one)

LOGOOf all the exciting new materials developed and introduced today, which are the leading experts’ favorites? The Danish Design Center has asked its extensive network of materials experts from all over the world to contribute to a collection of their favorite materials.
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MYX material – Creating food and design from waste using oyster mushroom

Production setup. It takes 2 weeks to grow the lamp in shape. © image: courtesy of Jonas EdvardAs a part of a final project at the Royal Academy of Art – School of design in Denmark in 2013, Master Graduate Jonas Edvard Nielsen focused on the natural function of the mycelium mushroom to develope a new food production method based on waste. MYX textile material and The MYX lamp was created.

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This is alive…

’Techno Naturology’ - an interactive textile collection by Elaine Ng Yan Ling
An increased focus on sustainability in combination with current research in biotechnology and biomimicry are influencing our design landscape and new directions are emerging. Continue reading

MATERIAL COOKING – new book by Laurence Humier

Photo: Michele SilvestroDiscovering new materials and boosting design creativity by exploring
non-culinary materials from a chef’s perspective.  “Cooking Material: Could molecular gastronomy help discover new matter?”  is an exciting new e-book written by Belgian designer Laurence Humier, in collaboration with Audrey Tardieu, a chemical engineer.  Continue reading

Chromic Phenomena – Colour and Light manipulation in materials inspired by nature

Colour Spectrum in nature. Image: Garciajbas

Discovering colour in nature is exciting from a materials point of view. Nature is immersed in colour and its role informs the materials world and designers. Continue reading

DAMADEI – “Design and Advanced Materials As a Driver of European Innovation”

Thermally activated 3D textile with shape memoryIn recent years advanced materials have emerged and are having a major impact on the products around us. Coming from science and technology advanced materials can outperform traditional materials as they for instance can be tougher, can withstand higher temperatures, and can be tailored into new shapes. When combining these materials with design the door to future products and solutions opens. Continue reading

The Future of Materiality PART III: Alter Nature

Natural resin growth on a cypress tree, Southern California

The third and final theme in our investigation about the Future of Materiality; ALTER NATURE is found at the intersection of design, biology and technology.  This theme is lead by a scientific approach to the creation of materials where engineering and different technologies play a fundamental role in transforming or in bettering nature.  Some of the existing proposals are created by synthetic biology, bioengineering, and biotechnology. Continue reading

Multitasking materials in future construction and architecture

“Parasitic” energy harvesting systems. An Israeli company shows it can collect energy from Israel’s highways. Installations are often a practically invisible part of a building. Miles of cables, piping, tubes and wires are concealed behind the ceilings, floors, walls and foundations. The facilities themselves are tucked behind voids or form unsightly blemishes on rooftops. It was long assumed that these installations were the holy grail of a comfortable working and living environment. Continue reading

Materials, Art and Science – It’s In The Details

'Xylem Series - Terfesia 6’ (surface detail). Resin, ink, enamel, thorium on aluminium, 185 x 185cm, 2012. Image: Ben Phillips
Visual artists Miik Green & Ioannis Michaloudis experiment with materials to create unique and aesthetically beautiful artworks. Normally we don’t see much art at Hello Materials Blog, but here at Danish Design Centre we think their work is very interesting in a material point of view. Therefore we’d like to share some of their work with you. Enjoy.

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The Future of Materiality PART II: Makers` Touch

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The second theme in our investigation of the Future of Materiality; MAKER’s TOUCH is a counter-trend to our current digitized lives and automated environments. It is driven by the return of craft, the makers, and the growing interest in apprenticeship.  We see a growing “how to” nostalgia, involving special interest in rich content and storytelling. Continue reading

The Future of Materiality, PART I: Illusionary High Tech

Droplets of water suspended by otherwise invisible, fine spider webAs designers, we are interested not only in the performance qualities of materials but also in their emotive attributes, those that connect with our senses, perceptions, and aesthetics.
During our latest SEEDS event titled “The Future of Materiality” we identified three main areas in which we believe, materials are evolving.
1. Illusionary High Tech
2. Makers Touch
3. Alter Nature
This article will be a three-part series. Each of them will expand on one of these three areas, exploring the future of materials through different examples as they relate to shifting social values such as the growing emotion and experience-driven economy. Continue reading